Workers scheduling in CeBit, Germany

This year we again attended the annual CeBit expo in Germany ( We presented Woshi, our employee scheduling software unique in its use of AI to calculate immediately viable schedules due to its ability to take into account criteria and constraints that routinely (or not so routinely) come up in practice.

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Attendance chart in gantt

For a better transparency of number of workers in certain moment we added a gantt of planned attendance. It shows a minimal and maximal required attendance and actual attendance.


What is new in WoShi

Section Period presence and Shifts have new option of copying with values and also copy/paste where you can change record’s order

When editing in Manual mode (Manaully) you can now also add the cause (User wish, worker wish, substitute). This way you can track change of substitutions and vacations.

When editing Workers there is a new field – Partner ID, which is used for data exchange with other software – time attendance or work register software.


Criteria for scheduling

Using criteria we guide AI to schedule according to our demands. Different organizations have different criteria. For some the sequence of shits is more important while others find the number of hours for every worker more important.


Manual changes

Due to unexpected absence of one worker you have to change the schedule. You can do that manually. It is usually used with small changes, that do not require as much time as inserting our demands into schedule and re-calculate it. We have to be aware that we will reduce the quality of the schedule and a possible law violation can occur.



Extra possibilities for attendance

In the section Period presence we added some new options that you can use to demand different requirements for workers. For example:

  • worker should work 1-2 on Sunday
  • If worker works on Saturday and Sunday, he/she should not work on Monday and next weekend
  • Each worker has at least one Weekend off
  • Nigh shifts should be from Monday till Thursday or from Friday till Sunday


Scheduling based on skills

You can add skills to each worker – work place, and add priority. For example. Worker with skill nurse has priority 1 while the skill “carer” has priority 10. WoShi will schedule primary on the position of nurse, but in case of lack of “carers” this worker will be put on the position of a “carer”. A worker who does not have a skill of Nurse will not be scheduled on the position of a nurse.