WoShi – Worker Scheduling

We belive in 100% automatic employee scheduling

Inserting your wishes and demands is all you need to do WoShi takes care of the rest



Simplify your life

Using WoShi, workers’ schedules are created fast and easy

Set the number of employees for all time periods for each day as required from business process, and thats all. Your help while the schedule is being created is not needed.

Why WoShi

Don’t stay behind your competition. We believe in automating everything, including automation.


You do not create schedules with the help of the program, instead, the program creates schedules for you.

User experience

WoShi is user friendly and easy to use


Go mobile. See all reports online from your PC or mobile device.

WoShi is different

WoShi – Worker Scheduling is an automated software that schedules your employees instead of you. While other programs demand that you undertake the hard task of creating schedules for your employees, WoShi does that for you. All you have to do is insert your wishes and demands, based on which WoShi then creates the schedule.



WoShi schedules your employees into morning, afternoon and night shifts or any type of shifts your company has. You will save time and money using WoShi.

How Does IT Work?

Using an advanced evolutionary algorithm, WoShi is capable of finding a solution for your every demand and request.


The algorithm has proven to be successful in our school time table calculating program, ALGiT Time Table, which is used in primary,   secondary and higher schools.

Save money on overtime

Reduce the number of overtime hours with the same number of employees. Set the number of employees for an arbitrary working period for each day in an arbitrary time interval, and WoShi will follow your demands.

Control your company

Adjust the schedules of your employees according to your needs and current situation. Follow them from anywhere; PC, mobile phone or tablet. Stay in control of your work with WoShi!

Your problem – our challenge

  • Everyday changes
  • Too much administrative work
  • Too much overtime
  • Breaking the law restrictions
  • Not-allowed transitions between shifts
  • Unequal week load for your employees
  • Unsatisfied employees
  • Unsatisfied company executives and owners
  • Insufficient number of workers in turns WHERE and HOW to save?

Scheduling is a problem for artificial intelligence.

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